Good health is everything. For children without it, illness can be a challenging experience. The Animo Project is our way of bringing attention to the resilience and persistent joy of the kids at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, while helping to support their cause.

INDUSTRY collaborated with four past and present Doernbecher kids to create their own original Animo toys modeled after alebrijes — a traditional representation in Mexican folk art of someone’s essence or spirit, manifested in a fantastical animal form. Each vibrant, imaginary creature has a unique pattern and personality inspired by the kids, who each got to take home their own Animo. We’re holding a drawing for the second set of Animos to raise funds in support of Doernbecher.

Help us bring more dreams to life at Doernbecher. The draw is open. Entries are $5, and there is no limit to the number of entries you can buy – and all proceeds will go to Doernbecher.

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Avery, a young child, drawing with marker and smiling
3d rendering of cat animo in pink room with rainbow
A young boy looks down concentrating while drawing with colored pencil
3d rendering of two-headed animo in green room

The four Doernbecher kids came to the INDUSTRY office in downtown Portland to create their Animos with our Industrial Design team.

Avery’s Animo is a playful purple cat that represents her bubbly, affectionate personality.

Analee’s Animo is a panda with wings, illustrative of her empathy and desire to lift others up through acts of service.

Kian’s Animo is a leopard with the tail of a shark, a nod to his dynamic, spunky spirit and love of all types of animals.

Quincy’s Animo is a ferocious (but cute) two-headed dragon brimming with his characteristic strength and tenacity.

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Young girl smiling holding up drawing of cat with stickers covering drawing.
3d rendering of panda animo with butterfly wings
young boy looking up smiling while drawing on construction paper
3d rendering of leopard with shark tail animo

While alebrijes are traditionally handcrafted, the Animo process represents the intersection of the indomitable human spirit and the magic of modern technology — a powerful combination familiar to anyone who’s ever stepped foot in Doernbecher.

This interplay between new technology and traditional, emotive practices began with our Industrial Design team designing, digitally rendering and 3D printing the Animos in-house. Then Tekpatl took over, hand-painting each Animo with intricate designs, true to the traditional form.

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The results speak for themselves. Each Animo bubbles with a unique personality, based on the child who dreamed them. We’re honored to have the opportunity to support the life-changing work happening every day at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital with a project that draws on our agency’s heritage and professional experiences.

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For Meral, one of the founding partners at INDUSTRY, Animo holds special significance. 10 years ago, she and her husband lost their daughter, Mira, only two short days after she was born. Since they only shared those fleeting moments, her Animo is a hummingbird — peacefully suspended in time for a few beautiful seconds and then gone just as fast. Mira’s hummingbird is the 5th Animo, representing change, lightness, harmony and healing.

A decade on, the couple has welcomed three healthy babies at OHSU. Not only is OHSU one of the best hospitals in the nation, it’s also the hospital that helped make her family feel whole again.

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Meral working on hummingbird animo
Mira hummingbird animo in a 3d pink environment with flowers and cloud